Osram Xenarc Original D1R 66150 headlight lamps 2 pc
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Category: D1R Xenonlampen

D1R Xenon Autolampen 85V 35W
Original Ersatzteil
Abblendlicht / Fernlicht
Mit 4.150 Kelvin
30 % weniger Energieverbrauch
Die Farbtemperatur beträgt 4.150 Kelvin
Sockelbezeichnung: PK32d-3
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Osram Xenarc Original 66150 D1R 2 piece

D1R Xenarc Original - at a glance

  • 100% more light and 300 % more light efficiency in comparison to halogen lamps
  • With a colour temperature similar to daylight with 4,150 Kelvin.
  • 30 % less energy consumption in comparison to standard halogen lamps
  • High and low beam

New Technology
With the new Technology of the XENARC family, OSRAM offers a new higher intensity to vehicles. The XENARC gas discharge lamp does not have a filament. Instead an arc is created between two electrodes in a quartz bulb, which is filled with xenon gas and metallic salts. The lamp ignites when high voltage is applied. Igniting, heating and stabilizing the arc of a Xenarc lamp requires an electronic control gear. The system consists of an electronic igniter and an electronic ballast unit.

The light is much closer to that of natural daylight with its colour temperature range of 4,100° to 4,500° Kelvin. This offers a better illumination of the road, driving by night can be more comfortable because the light can help drivers see hazard on both sides of the road and fast tiring of the eyes can get prevented.

The Xenarc Original gas discharge lamp provides with its brighter and whiter light a colour temperature of up to 4,150 Kelvin and offers light characteristics similar to natural daylight. With up to 100 % more light and a light efficiency up to more than 300 % it needs 30 % less energy (in comparison to standard halogen lamps).

Technical Data
Rated output 35 watts
Nominal voltage 85 volts (test voltage 13.5 volts).
Luminous flux 2,000 Lumens.
Average lifetime of 2,500 operating hours.
Colour temperature is 4,150° Kelvin.
Base: PK32d-3
Order number: 66150

The delivery contains 2 x D1R Xenarc Original 66150 D1S.

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